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​Welcome to the eclectic world of Ze Trio! A carnival of spontaneous musical wonder, born from the chance combination of three somewhat brilliant, like-minded musicians, on one dark, cold winter's eve, early in the year of two thousand and nine...

Ze Trio! are an eccentric, continental-esque ensemble, blending violin, guitar, accordion, and 3-part male harmonies. We cover a remarkably varied repertoire of music ranging from the 1800s to the present - from Dean Martin to Dizzee Rascal; The Beatles to Britney Spears! We play folky covers in our own quirky, inimitable style, complete with a good dash of comedy and theatre! 

     Whatever your taste; with our genre-spanning concoction of music we can't fail to entertain! So please join us, have a jig, and be part of the maniacal musical madness that is...  ~ ZE TRIO! ~

~ Meet Ze lads...! ~

Ze Trio performing at a wedding on Hayling Island in 2022
Ze Trio performing with their saxophonist at Wilderness Reserve in 2020
Ze Trio performing at a Teepee event, accordionist singing at a guest

​James typically brings the maniacal madness... combined with the unmistakable rhythmical banter of his loveable accordion! Moreover, James is a skilled percussionist; if he's not playing the accordion, he's probably blissfully tapping away on it for those more rhythmic moments...! 


​The man with the pipes! While all three of us provide sweet 3-part vocals in many songs, Steve most often croons the vocal musings with his powerful, jazz-tinted tones - along with a dizzying array of facial expressions... If this wasn't enough, he also chugs out the unfaltering rhythm guitar!               

~ SAL ~

Finger-blurring classical violin or barn-dance fiddle, Sal is our man for spinning our more lyrical melodies - or getting the jig under way! He'll often be the one getting you, our audience(!), involved; after all, Ze Trio is about YOU having a good time, and feeling a part of the event!

BUT HOW did we come to exist as this quirky combination of forces...? Let us enlighten you...


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