~ THAT''S US! ~

Are you tired of hearing those same cliched covers of Mr. Brightside and Summer of 69..? Do you have a wedding, party, or event fast approaching and you're looking for something... a little different to entertain your guests? Say, a quirky trio of musicians...?!



  •    Birthday bash on the horizon?
  •    Celebrating a recent success...?
  •    Need to liven up the local pub...?!


Whatever the occasion, we'll be sure to bring some folky eccentricity to the party atmosphere.

Naturally we can be amplified - all our creatively arranged covers in our upbeat, folky style, clear as day from our handy PA, suitable for a crowd of up to 100.


ALTERNATIVELY... unlike that gear-laden band tethered to the stage, one of our most popular features is that as an acoustic act, we will ROAM your event..! This allows us to play up close and personal, ensuring every guest hears us as we roam, and spreading our quirky musical atmosphere!


NOTE: we make a habit of interacting with our audience now and then, whether serenading the happy couple, or getting people a little involved...


~ DINNER AT 8...? ~
​Smooth swing in the background...
We love doing loud, but we're more than happy keeping it a little more subtle for those classier occasions... Dean Martin, anyone? One of our specialty dishes...

Something a little less traditional...

Everyone loves a wedding, and none more than us! Anyone can hire a function band - but a quirky, contemporary folk trio is thinking well outside the box! We will compliment the occasion not just musically, but aesthetically - and charmingly! With no drums to worry about, we take up minimal space, and we can roam the event and play to your guests personally, whilst providing a soundtrack that will ensure your guests never forget your special day...! 

~ So let us know! ~

​Whether your event is set in stone, or just an idea floating around in your head, don't hesitate to get in contact if you think you might like to have us play for you! We always make every effort to be flexible to your needs, and are happy to have a chat about any special requests (including a specially arranged song favourite)! 

​We have varying price packages to suit your budget, and we provide a quote based on your exact requirements; please drop us a message for an informal chat about what we can do for you!

BUT WHY should you invest in us? Let us tell you more about our experience and qualifications: