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A little back-story...

Hard to believe, but Ze Trio didn’t just pick up their respective instruments one day and decide to form this quirky combination of musical forces… Nor did they nonchalantly agree to form a typical function band… Instead, Ze Trio came to exist as a result of their mutual passion for all things music (and some beautiful twist of fate)! 

Ze Trio performing at one of their earliest gigs in Kingston Market place

Respectively from Derby, Tunbridge Wells, and Guernsey - Ze Trio met whilst studying music at Kingston University. All three performed around Kingston-Upon-Thames in their own separate interests, but after several duet collaborations, one fateful night in early 2009 it came to be that they would join together to play as a trio... After one unexpectedly wonderful rendition of a mutual favourite song, they had only just begun to realise they may have happened upon something, rather magical…


After a couple of years playing local open-mic nights, local festivals, and private functions, in 2011 Ze trio entered The Mayor of London’s ‘Rhythm of London’ busking competition (now known as ‘GIGS’) achieving 2nd place. This landed them a trip to Paris as representatives to promote the Mayor of London’s ‘Summer Like No Other’ – London’s 2012 showcase of British arts and culture.


Since forming over EIGHT years ago, we have performed at all manner of events, such as weddings, festivals, corporate events, and venue launches; from bohemian teepees to streamlined boats, kooky bars to luxury hotels - including a vast range of clients. Ze Trio continue to play to an increasingly wider audience, at an increasingly eclectic variety of gigs! Will they be bringing their unique brand of folky eccentricity to you next…?!

Naturally, you will want to have a look at us in action...!

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